Radically simplifying clinical data collection for audits, registries and databases

CaseCapture is an advanced new product from Net Solving, a leading supplier of web based clinical audit systems. It can be used for all clinical data collection requirements including audits, registries and databases.

CaseCapture creates robust and reliable data collection systems that comply with all clinical governance requirements on security and data privacy.

CaseCapture uses automated technology to create solutions quickly and easily. Compared to traditional bespoke development methods, the creation and testing times for new data collection tools are significantly reduced saving customers both time and money.

CaseCapture is different because it automates the design and creation of clinical data solutions, significantly reducing the time it takes to get an audit, registry or database up and running.

CaseCapture is an advanced new product from Net Solving – the UK’s leading supplier of web based clinical audit systems. Net Solving solutions have been tried and tested over many years.

CaseCapture makes the design and development of clinical audits, registries and databases easy to build and easy to use. Our web based interfaces are user friendly and highly intuitive.

CaseCapture lets you develop data solutions very quickly. By eliminating weeks of testing and de-bugging time you can radically reduce the costs associated with delivering clinical data systems.

To find out more, visit the CaseCapture web site at www.casecapture.com

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