CaseCapture™ is a market leading product built by Net Solving. It is the culmination of 15 years experience in creating many of the largest clinical data collection web tools in the UK and worldwide.

The development of CaseCapture™ draws on vast experience from work with some of the most respected medical organisations such as the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Anaesthetists. Our tools provide all of the latest technological features necessary for effective clinical and organisational data collection. Data can be collected at an organisational level, clinical level and directly from patients.

Utilising code generation software our unique automated system can convert your dataset into a fully featured, intuitive, reliable and secure web tool. This is all achievable in time-frames not previously possible compared to traditional bespoke development. This not only reduces development times, but also significantly improves system reliability.


CaseCapture™ tools can be used to record both organisational and clinical data as well as data entered directly from your patients. The data can be collected on any device with a web browser including touch-screen devices like iPads.

CaseCapture™ tools can be built for data collections of all sizes, both in terms of the number of questions being asked to the number of records collected. Projects that previously might not have considered web based data collection now have a cost effective solution.

When a large number of data items are to be collected, the tool can break down the questions into manageable sections, each individually validated, which makes data entry less daunting.

Core features

  • Case management screen to see all cases entered.
  • All completed records can be locked to show they are completed and to prevent further changes.
  • Personal identifiable data is hidden from all unauthorised access.
  • All users must be logged in to access clinical data.
  • Fully validated data entry screens. Data can be saved even if incomplete or values are outside acceptable range, but the data will not be considered to be 'complete'. Entry for certain questions can be made dependent on entries made in other questions. Entry can be made using touchscreen devices.
  • Help/comments for all questions.
  • Site management system / including site import.
  • User management system / including user import.
  • Upload files (Word, pdf, Excel etc) to the webtool to so that they can be downloaded by users.
  • Exports of the data.
  • Data dictionary for all data entered.
  • All users must accept the terms and conditions of the system before logging in.
  • All systems are SSL enabled to ensure the secure transfer of data (data encryption).
  • Implemented under HTTPS for encrypted security
  • Checking who is currently online
  • Locking records
  • Custom fields

Additional features

  • Dashboards.
  • Custom reporting - including interactive charts and pdf downloads.
  • FAQs section.
  • Organisational audit.
  • Data query tool - allows users/administrators to create and run queries against the data collected.
  • CSV data import - records can be imported in CSV formatted and received exactly the same validation as data entered through the web forms.
  • Custom questions - Allows administrators and sites to create their own questions.
  • Publish site general reports on the web tool.
  • Audit log of all actions performed on the system.
  • 2-Factor authentication.
  • Custom posters based on data within the dataset
  • Email system allowing all users or groups of users to be emailed from within the tool.
  • Contact management system for all system users.
  • News section.
  • Image uploads.
  • Clinical updates to record further visits ('Annual Reviews' and 'Encounters').
  • Patient portals.
  • Basic content management system allowing pages to be created/amended. Ability to control what is seen within the menu.
  • The creation of 'Studies' that can be populated from a base registry record and/or follow-ups, with the additional questions to complement the study. Saving time in data entry and duplication of effort.

Should your data collection requirements not be met by a standard CaseCapture™ tool, it is possible for bespoke changes to be made to ensure that all your requirements are met.

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