CaseCapture™ has the flexibility to deal with all kinds of clinical data collection requirements.

Clinical / Organisational Audit

Net Solving have 15 years experience creating the most high profile national audits in the NHS and globally. Millions of records collected on our systems and user the interface has been made as simple as possible. We can give you advice on logic and process for forms and how to get the best out the clinical audit. All of this expertise and knowledge is now available far quick and more cost effectively than any other option in the marketplace.

Quality Improvement

Net Solving have lead the way with the very first national quality improvement projects seen in the UK. Quality improvement creates additional ways of understanding variation and creating defined ways to improve a process. These can be defined through PDSA plans in the platform and linked directly to SPC charts in line with NHSI guidance and the specific measures within the data set.


The CaseCapture™ platform is has been utilised to create national and international registries. The CaseCapture™ platform now makes it significantly cheaper and quicker to create a registry, giving the ability to research organisations to create many registries through a single online platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional development.

Dashboards and Reporting Tools

Net Solving have a strong reputation for making complicated data simple to understand. Data visualisation is an incredibly powerful way to convey a message to all relevant stakeholders. We consolidate and arrange key metrics, statistics and performance scorecards in a dynamic single screen showcase. These can be adjusted to the customers needs and seamlessly pull real time data from a variety of sources. This can be used in both a clinical and organisational setting.

Patient Portals

Net Solving are leading providers of 24-hour access patient portals providing access to personal health information from any location with an internet connection for both patients and healthcare officials. These are high secure access portals that allow one to view and enter data and are entirely customisable to our clients needs.

Bespoke Solutions

Net Solving are often approach by clients from a wide variety of industries to create bespoke data collection platforms. The level of security and functionality of medical data collection lends itself to industries requiring high quality online data collection.

Quality Indicators
Longitudinal studies

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