Clinical Audit

National Audit

Net Solving has been at the forefront of development for many of the national audits in the NHS and healthcare systems worldwide. We developed the award winning SSNAP audit which is known to be the most comprehensive stroke audit in Europe, taking data from the point of incident until 6 months after.

We have designed and implemented data collection tools for an extensive range of medical specialities. These include stroke, multiple sclerosis, continence, bowel disease, falls, bone health and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Our data collection tools are used by individual hospitals throughout the world and NHS trusts.

Net Solving has revolutionised the way clinical audits are conducted by pioneering the move away from paper-based data collection to online methods. This means information can readily be imported to statistical tools for direct analysis. While recognising that paper proformas are often still required, our data capture techniques can be used with mobile devices such as iPads, other tablets and smartphones.

Local Audit

Utilising our CaseCapture™ software we are able to run a multitude of local and regional clinical audits through one centralised, secure portal providing previously unseen oversight of clinical audit. Utilising user permissions and restriction to personable identifiable data, all relevant stakeholders can benefit from interaction with our local audit system.

Often local audits will be conducted on a variety of software tools that are not capable of validating or storing the data correctly and the result is bad quality data that is not held centrally and ultimately does not add to the improvement of service and care. Our systems include advanced validation techniques and easy to use web based forms to provide near 100 percent accuracy, avoiding the need for time consuming data cleaning procedures. Net Solving clients benefit from high quality clinical audits that are efficient and cost effective.

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Net Solving have developed a large number of complex organisational audits within the NHS in conjunction with national clinical audits. We also have developed standalone organisational audits for many of the leading Royal Colleges, charities and private organisations.

The scope of organisational audits can be wide and customised to the client’s needs. Please see our case studies to see how organisational audits have made significant changes to the day to day process for our clients, driving quality and efficiency from a deep understanding of underlying trends in data collected.

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Net Solving has vast experience in creating clinical data registries that record information about the health status of patients and the care that they receive over varying periods of time.

We utilise our revolutionary CaseCapture™ software to create an organised system to collate uniform data to allow our clients to evaluate specified outcomes for a population defined by a particular disease, condition or exposure.

Registries are a fundamental component of an effective healthcare system. Our clients include:

  • Hospitals
  • Charities
  • Governments & NGO’s
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Registries can have a number of capabilities that make them invaluable to an organisation and the wider public:


The ability to watch and monitor how care is changing over time whilst analysing effectively different care paths.


The system can automatically produce bandings reports and the weighting that acts as a proxy for disease severity. This is incredibly useful for the effective payment of services to the centers and also ensures payments made are reflective the reality of the conditions locally.

Pharmacovigilance studies

Registries can be used to create and provide safety reports directly to the European Medicines Association and other international equivalent associations. This is a requirement once a drug has gone through its phase 3 trial.

Registry based clinical trials

Net Solving's registries can automatically undertake the randomisation within the clinical trial module reducing duplication of clinical data dramatically. The data from the clinical trial stays in the registry and increases the quality of the overall data set.

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Dashboards and Reporting tools


Net Solving have a strong reputation for making complicated data simple to understand. Data visualisation is an incredibly powerful way to convey a message to all relevant stakeholders. We utilise organisational intelligence dashboards as a primary way of achieving this.

We consolidate, and arrange key metrics, statistics and performance scorecards in a bespoke single screen showcase. These can be adjusted to the customer's needs and seamlessly pulls real time data from a variety of sources. This tool can be utilised in both a clinical and organisational setting.

  • Visual presentation of performance measures
  • Ability to identify and correct negative trends
  • Measure efficiencies/inefficiencies
  • Align strategies and organisational goals
  • Gain total visibility of all systems instantly
  • Quick identification of data outliers and correlations
Reporting tools

Net Solving are specialists in creating software applications that allow data to be extracted through query entry. These can be exported in a wide variety of formats depending on the customer needs.

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Patient Portals

Net Solving are leading providers of 24-hour access patient portals providing access to personal health information from any location with an internet connection for both patients and healthcare officials. These are highly secure access portals that allow one to view and enter data and are entirely customisable to our client’s needs. Our patient portals are either stand-alone websites or can be integrated into the existing website of our clients.

Patient portals provide patients or healthcare officials instant access to input and see information and plays crucial part of increasing engagement from patients and healthcare officials to interact with medical information. They can be used for:

Ensuring usability is a key focus for Net Solving in designing patient portals and we constantly assess and gather feedback on the format and relevant content for such tools.

They can be utilised for:
  • Patient care
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Communicating with healthcare professionals
  • Inputting data for registries or clinical audit

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Bespoke solutions

Net Solving offers a comprehensive range of services for all your web based requirements. These include:


Net Solving has substantial experience building portals and can advise on all aspects of portal design. We have extensive expertise in developing healthcare portals. These provide easy access to a wide range of information for both clinicians and patients.

Stakeholder mapping tools

Web based stakeholder mapping is a fast and efficient way to identify and understand your audience. We design fully integrated, bespoke solutions.

Interactive online training systems

We design and deliver quality solutions for your online training needs.


With such extensive experience we often get clients asking us for bespoke specific systems to address a current issue they are having with data. If this is something you would like to discuss please do get in touch.

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